T's Stuff too

T's Stuff too

I love to read and actually read books from several genre's. My favorite is paranormal though. I also have been blessed with 11 Grand Children from our 4 kids, so I do read a lot of Children's books as well to the kids. i have a regular blog where I post tons of book tours. Check it out if you enjoy books: http://teresanoel.blogspot.com/.


This blog is for reviews of the books I have read. I do also accept books from authors to read and review. Contact me if you have a book you would like reviewed at my email: mshogrider67@gmail.com

4 Stars
Gull Harbor by Kathryn Knight
Gull Harbor - Kathryn  Knight

I love a good Ghost Story. This one is more of a romance then a ghost story but it is still good. The story mostly focuses on the 2nd chance romance of Claire Linden and Max Baron, the 2 main characters in the book. There is a ghost and a mystery also involved. The book doesn't have much strong language but there are several sex scenes. 


Kristin James is the narrator of the audiobook. She does a good job with her voices and keeps the story moving. She did keep my attention throughout the story. I did not care for her voice of Dan at all though. She did give him a good northern accent but I just did care for the tenor of his voice. 


Claire Linden is a medium. She gets a call from a family asking for her help. They have a very unhappy ghost and need her help. Claire goes to the small town of Gull Island MA. Not only does she make contact with the ghost in the home but also a ghost from her past. Her Ex-boyfriend Max also lives in Gull Harbor. 


Max Baron was given an ultimatum years ago and left Clair without an explanation. When he sees her in his small town. All the feelings that have been held at bay for years crash back in. Clair on the other hand is full of bitter resentment towards him. 


As Claire tries to solve the mystery of Maria the Spanish speaking ghost, there is a new mystery with a living person who wants to keep Maria's death a secret. Max and Claire are basically picking up the pieces of their relationship. But Max will have to save her or loose her forever. 

5 Stars
Beginner's Garden Alex Mitchell
Beginner's Garden: A Practical Guide to Growing Vegetables & Fruit without Getting Your Hands Too Dirty (IMM Lifestyle) Gardening Tips, Recipes, & Projects for Beginners; Includes Herbs & Small Spaces - Alex Mitchell

I love growing plants, whether it be flowers or veggies. Some plants I have better luck at then others. Also I live in Florida and some plants just won't grow well here while others thrive. This book was extremely helpful in teaching me about the different types of plats, what they need in order to grow well, and the best planting times.  The illustrations were great. The information in this book even though it says the book is for beginners would be helpful to anyone. I wholeheartedly believe you know know enough to stop learning. 


I received this book from the Author or Publisher via Netgalley.com to read and review.

4 Stars
The Fear by Rae Louise
The Fear - Rae Louise

This is my first book by Rae Louise but I have to say it will not be my last. She scared the crap out of me. This only words I can use to describe the story is Creepy and Scary. It started a bit slow but when it kicked in it kicked in hard and fast.  If you like haunted houses and ghosts you will love this book. 


Mia, her 5 year old daughter and 17 year old sister Jamie are looking for a better life when they inherit their Uncle's house. It's not a mansion or anything but much better then where they were living.  That is until the demonic entity that comes with the house rears his ugly head and targets Jamie. 


I received this book from the Author or Publisher via Netgalley.com to read and review.

5 Stars
The Trail to Love by Tina Susedik
The Trail to Love  - Tina Susedik

Let me start by saying when I chose to read this book it was for the supernatural aspect. What I got was a historical romance.  The Trail to Love is book 4 in the Soul Mate Tree Series this book is by Tina Susedik. Each book is a stand alone and written by a different Author. 


Now for my feelings on this book. Pretty much from the minute I picked it up I could not put it down. This book gripped me. I fell in love with the characters, their plight, the rough hard land. Pretty much everything, even the bad guy. The supernatural only showed up a few times in the book but I did not miss it at all.  Tina Susedik has done an amazing job with this book and I will be reading more from her and this series. 


In the book Jack Billabard has lost his wife and son in childbirth. He feels his life has ended. Wanting to put some distance between the memories of his wife and himself he rides to the top of the mountain on his property, there a tree appears, it brings with it a vision of a woman and child, not his wife and child though. Then the tree disappears again. Jack decides to leave Laramie and work as a guide on the Oregon Tail. 


As a teenager Sarah Nickelson lost her parents and married the first man to come along. Not knowing her husband to be was really a mean drunk and just wanted her for her inheritance. One winter night there's a knock on the door letting her know her husband has died in a accident she is alone with a child. Her In-Laws are taking her childhood home since she was married it all became her husbands. Sarah  finds an advertisement for a mail order bride, and with no where else to go decides to set out on the Oregon Trail to go to the man who sent out the advertisement. 


From the minute Jack sees her he can't believe his eyes that  this is the woman and child in the trees vision. To Sarah Jack looks familiar. Can the tree be write about this being each other second chance?


I received this book for my honest review from the Author and Goddess Fish Promotions. My thoughts of this book are my own.

3 Stars
Mob Fest '29 By: Bill Tonelli
Mob Fest '29: The True Story Behind the Birth of Organized Crime - Bill Tonelli
  • According to this book pretty much everything you have ever read about or heard about the mob, is basically wrong. I just wish he had of given us some proof instead of just his opinion with no proof to back it up. He does offer up several questions to think about if you are interested into the Mob. The writing style is pretty good but this is not a book I will remember in a week.


    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

3.5 Stars
Last Meal: Based on the true story of the Bloody Benders by Paul A. Ibbetson
Last Meal: Based on the True Story of the Bloody Benders - Dr. Paul A. Ibbetson, Eve Arroyo

This book is the story of the Bender family who 1873 were the family involved in the largest serial killing in US history. The book is filled with historical facts s well as some fiction. I am still on the fence about the addition of the fiction. I am all about historical events n their true telling but the fiction did add to the story to an extent. 


Between 1871 and 1873  the Bender family later known as the Bloody Benders murdered at least 12 people along the Osage Trail in Kansas. The family was able to escape being captured and disappeared. They were never caught. 


Paul A. Ibbetson  has done a really good job adding fact and fiction together to bring this book to us. Molly King narrates the audiobook and though she done a good job with the book at times I was a little put off by her rendition. Some of her voices grated on my nerves, sometimes she sped up and raced through parts. 


I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

3.5 Stars
The Fire (Northwest Passage, #4) by John A. Heldt
The Fire (Northwest Passage Book 4) - John A. Heldt

The fire is book 4 in Norhtwest Passage Series by John A Heldt. The book is based loosely on the Great Fire of 1910 (Largest Wildfire in US history) and Haley's Comet. In the book Kevin Johnson has just graduated college and goes on a mini vacation to his Recently passed Grandfather's house with his family to get the place ready to put up for sale. While there he finds a secret diary and a time travel portal. The portal can transport him to 1910 and back. He finds out this is how his Grandfather acquired his fortune. Transporting to the future and selling gold from the past.


Kevin decides transporting through time will make for a fun vacation. He even finds the love of his life. The problem with that is she is from the past.


I liked that as Kevin travels to the past he looses no time in the present, o matter how long he is in the past. I also liked that he was able to gain the memories of his Grandfather while in the past that helps him to escape during the fire.


This was a good book. I wasn't all that crazy about Chaz Allen's rendition I think it was more his voice to me but at times it felt like he was reading a children's book.


I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

5 Stars
The Demonic By Lee Mountford
The Demonic - Lee Mountford

Danni Morgan was an abused child as a teen she finally escaped her abusive father and vowed to never return. She gets notified her father has passed ad has inherited everything. Danni, her husband, and kids make the trip to bury her father and see what they can do to ready the house and property up for sale.


Pretty much as soon as they arrive in her hometown weird things begin. When they arrive at her childhood home scary things begin to happen. Danni wants to leave, her husband convinces her to stay and finish what they started. Big Mistake!!


I enjoyed this book very much. This is my first book written by Lee Mountford, but I am positive it will not be my last. Han Mills done a great job scaring me. I'm not sure if it was his accent or his intensity.

5 Stars
The House Next Door: A Ghost Story by Darcy Coates
The House Next Door: A Ghost Story - Darcy Coates

Darcy Coates has done a very creepy job with this book. I have read/listened to a few of her books and love them all so far. I love how she mainly does Haunted House books. Ghosts are my favorite. The book is Narrated by Emily Sutton-Smith. I really enjoyed her rendition of the book. She fully kept my attention all the way through the book. She has also done a great job with her character voices.


In this book Jo lives next door to a haunted house. The family living in the house flee's during the night with nothing but the Pj's they are wearing. They don't even bother to come back an collect their belonging.


Eight months later Jo gets a new neighbor. Anna is about Jo's age and seems like a very nice person. Jo and Anna become fast friends. Jo finally gets her chance to tour the house known as the Marwick House. She almost immediately knows it is haunted.


When Anna's abusive husband shows up at Jo's, she lies and tells him she doesn't know anyone by the name of Anna. As soon as he leaves she runs to let Anna know. She decides to spend the night at Anna's and this is where things really gets creepy.

5 Stars
Crumbs on the Stairs - Migas En Las Escaleras: A Mystery by Karl Beckstrand
Crumbs on the Stairs - Migas En Las Escaleras: A Mystery - Karl Beckstrand

Another great Children's book from Karl Beckstrand. This is also anther dual language book. It features English and Spanish on each page. Your child can also count how many times the bear appears. 


I love that not only does Karl make his books fun, they are also educational. The pictures in the book are bright and colorful, so even the smallest children will enjoy the books. The books are short and have pretty easy words for young readers as well. 


I received this book from the Author or Publisher to read and review. The gifting of this book did not affect my opinion of it.

5 Stars
Bad Bananas: A Story Cookbook for Kids By Karl Beckstrand
Bad Bananas: A Story Cookbook for Kids - Karl Beckstrand, Jeff Faerber

Karl Beckstrand has brought us another great books. This one not only tells a story but is also filled with 7 yummy recipes featuring Banana's. 


The book basically tells the life of a banana. From being picked from the tree to turning brown and slimy. The story also tells about being good and bad so there is a lesson involved. My favorite kind of Children's book. 


The recipes are easy but sound very yummy. But also does caution to have an adult present as you will be using a knife or stove in some. The recipes include Banana Smoothies, Chewy Banana Cookies, Bread, pudding, pancakes, and toppings. 


I received this book from the Author to read and review. The gifting of this book did not affect my opinion of it.

3.5 Stars
A Witch's Journey The Lobster Cove Series By: Tena Stetler
A Witch's Journey (The Lobster Cove Series) - Tena Stetler

A Witch's Journey is book one in Tena Stetler's new series The Lobster Cove Series. The book to me was a sweet paranormal romance. It basically focuses on the main characters budding romance. If you want sweet and romance based this is a good book. With a witch and a shifter I figured there would be more magic going on. The blurb to the book really made it sound like this book would be action packed. Sadly it was not. 


Pepper Mckay is from a long line of witches. Her Aunt passed away a few years ago and left everything to Pepper once her partner Colleen either moves or passes away. Colleen has decided to move closer to her family and ends the life contract. So Pepper at a very low point in her life receives her inheritance. 


Pepper loads up and moves to Lobster Cove Maine. She decides to turn the land into a wildlife center. This is when she meets Navy Seal Lathan. He is the town handyman and also a Wolf Shifter. At the minute he cannot shift due to an injury  during his military service. 


Pepper and Lathan very quickly let their mutual attraction for each other turn into a serious romance. 


There are a few times during the book I thought things were going to get moving, but those things were handled very calmly and easily and did not jump the story into gear for me. I like a little mystery, I like a lot of paranormal, I like some romance, but I love some heart pounding moments, this book just didn't have that. I guess it would be a good story for a lazy day or before bed. 


I did listen to the audiobook. It is narrated by Kate Tyler. I have to admit the story may of been a bit better with a different narrator. I prefer narrators to had more depth to the characters and even the story parts. Kate would at times read..one..word..at..a..time. I really did not care for her male character voices at all either. 


5 Stars
Muriel Avenue Sluts By Maggie Hasbrouck
Muriel Avenue Sluts - Maggie Hasbrouck

I wasn't really sure going into this book if I would enjoy it or not. I definitely enjoyed it. It was a powerful story that caught my attention right off the bat and I was sad for it to end. Maggie Hasbrouck really had my emotions going all through this book, I even shed a tear or two. Even though the book is about a Community of Sluts there is no graphic sex. There is some strong language, but not enough to take away from the book in any way. The book does have some child molestation in it but does not go into much detail, just enough to give you a small idea. I could not of read it if it gave full pictures. 


Julia Farmer narrates this book. She kept me fully involved in the story. I will definitely be looking for more books narrated by her. She put true depth and feeling into the book, her character voices were awesome. I love how she made it feel like she was telling me her story instead of reading to me. 


The book is about coming of age 17 year old Julia. She was born and raised on Muriel Avenue in Philadelphia PA. He mother is a slut, her Grandmother was a slut, and in a very short time so will Julia, and proud of it. Muriel Avenue is not your typical hometown avenue. It is a street of sluts, literally. They have their own little community. 


When Julia finds out her best friend Anna is being raped by one of the "Gentlemen", she kills him. It's the perfect crime, along with the help of Anna, she sprays him in the face with wasp spray to get the advantage, she then whacks him over the head with a frying pan, once he is knocked out she duct tapes his mouth, then squeezes his nose until he stops breathing. Then Anna and Julie after cleaning his face up and removing the tape toss him over the balcony. They tell everyone he fell. Barbara who I guess you would call the Madam has friends in high place, handles the whole mess by having her friends deal with the body. They put him in his car then drive him off a bridge, Problem solved. Right? Wrong!


Julia then meets Greta. She is the daughter of the man she killed. Julia doesn't tell her she killed him though. Greta had also been abused by her father and was happy he was dead. She convinces Julia to help her and another girl who was being molested to kill her father. 


This death sends Julia on the run, when she finds out she was set up by Greta to take the fall. 


Along the was you get to meet Julia's first love, feel the love of family, meet some strange people, and some really good an not so good friends. 


I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

5 Stars
The Ghost and Mrs. Miller by Sandra Tilley
The Ghost and Mrs. Miller  - Sandra Tilley

Sandra Tilly has done a really good job with this book. I personally really enjoyed it. I am all about ghost's as lead characters. Although I am not a huge romance reader this one really grabbed me and did not let go. The book has really no horror or thriller to it, but you do get a ghost. At times the book was sad, funny, and more or less a feel good type story. It really runs the gambit of emotions and tells a true to life story, except maybe the ghost aspect. 


On Libby and Neil's 19th anniversary, Libby catches Neil cheating with his assistant.  On his way home that same night Neil looses control of his car and dies in a car crash. Neil may be dead but he isn't gone. He is a ghost and only Libby can see him. 


Libby is still very mad at Neil and wants him to cross over, Neil has other ideas. He shows up whenever he is least expected or wanted. Libby is trying to stat a new life with her 2 kids and gain independence,  along with a whole cast of childhood friends.


Eli and Jesse grew up with Neil they considered themselves the 3 Musketeers. Both Eli and Jesse are trying to get Libby to go out with them. There is a past there as well, Jesse stood Libby up at their senior prom, and that same night Eli and Libby, had sex. Afterwards Eli ignored her.  Neil in the end won the prize so to speak. 


Neil also lets Libby in on some of the 3 Musketeers secrets over the years. One of which Jesse is using against Eli, and Neil before his death. As Libby tries to figure out which way her life should turn she also tries to help her friends. 


I received this book from the Author or Publisher via Netgalley.com to read and review.


4 Stars
Beyond the Mist (Lake Lanier Mysteries #2) by Casi McLean
Beyond the Mist - Casi McLean

This is my first book by Casi McLean even though it is the 2nd book in the Lake Lanier Mysteries Series. I will be checking out book one very soon. This can be read as a stand alone, but you do have to really pay attention at first until you get used to which time line each person is from. For instance Nick's father was born in 1921, his mother in 1983, they bump into Nick when he is 30 years old. I do want book one to get more of a the back story though, some things would make a lot more sense. Casi has done a really good job with this book. It is a Time Travel Novel. Casi has brought September 11, 2001 back to our memories. She is very respectful to the victims of 9/11


Nick Cramer has always blamed himself for his girlfriend Carlie dying in the 9/11 attacks. Then he finds a way to travel back in time to save Carlie. Their is secret portal hidden beneath Atlanta’s Lake Lanier. Nick knows he should not mess with the time line of events in the past or the future but with a big heart and also a broken heart he still wants to save Carlie. 


Nick meets Piper Taylor and knows there is something special between them, but his guilt over Carlie urges him on.


Piper must avoid the terrorism in 2001, find Nick, and get them back to their correct time before before Nick makes any changes that will put a rip in time and they become lost in time forever. 


I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Casi McLean. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

5 Stars
By the Light of the Moon (Rise of the Arkansas Werewolves #1) by Jodi Vaughn

Jodi Vaughn has brought us a tale of a hot werewolf biker and a beauty who has no idea who she really is. I listened to this story in one setting. I will be looking for the next book.
The Audiobook is narrated by Jeffrey Kafer. I felt like I was listening to one of the detective shows on TV with his voice. It's not a bad thing, but I do wish he had of put a bit more feeling into it.


Damon Trahan is a Werewolf Guardian. He rides a Harley and lives by a code of loyalty to his pack.


When he is called on to help find Ava Renfroe, the pack General's daughter who has been kidnapped. She will put his loyalty to the test. Ava is Werewolf Royalty but has no clue she is even a werewolf.


The attraction between Damon and Ava is way to strong. But Damon knows she is Royalty and will be mated with the strongest Alpha in the pack. Being a orphan he knows he is beneath her status. Now he just has to keep his hands off her and get her back to the pack.


I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review