The Basement by Dianne Hartsock is actually the 3rd book written about the main character Alex even though this is not a named series. The book is a stand alone and you can understand all of the characters represented from the previous books as well as situations mentioned in this book from those as well. This is the first book I have read about Alex and by Dianne Hartsock. I would like to go back and read the other 2 books just so I get the full story on Alex as well as some of the other characters in this book. If you have a problem with reading books including LGBT you may not want to read this book, I personally do not and think that it has added to the story in some ways. I do love a good haunted house book and this one is a really great one. Once I picked up the book it was very hard to put it down. Alex was a severely abused child, now he is a confused man. He also has psychic abilities he is learning to control with the help of his therapist Scott Reid and some of his friends. When his friend Justin buys Fulton Manor, a grand mansion in a neighboring town he has weird feelings the first time he go to the house after getting the keys. His ominous feelings send him to ask Alex to use his abilities to sweep the house. The house felt fine when Justin had been to their before he purchased it but now the truth of the house comes out. Alex does go with Justin and his happy home turns into a house of horrors. There is a mystery involved in this book as well as the ghosts haunting Fulton Manor. Logan Fulton shows up. There is just something about him. He has some abilities which Alex picks up on the second he lays eyes on him. Now Alex must figure out what he is doing in town and if he is the reason the ghosts of Fulton Manor have awakened and also why his friends are being pulled into Fulton Manor, and also how to release them before it's to late.