SLEDGE: Westside Skulls Motorcycle Club - Jessie Cooke
Sledge is the 5th book in Jessie Cooke's Westside Skulls MC  Series. I have read all 5 books so far, and they just  keep getting better. Each book in the series focuses on one of the members of the MC. You get to keep learning more about other members of the Club with each book but you also get a closer look at the main character of the book. This is an adult series there is lots of language and lots of  hot sex scenes. I may of even learned a few hot tricks from this series.
This book focuses on Sledge. He has been in the MC about 10 years. He is an enforcer in the MC. Sledge has not always been a respected person. as a child he was bullied and picked on all the time. He was raised by a single mom in a poor household. He was not dumb and got a scholarship to one of the high class and ritzy private school. This is where he met Ash and Mack (stars of book 4 in the series). 
Once out of school he headed to California and college. College didn't set well with Sledge, he felt he didn't fit in. One night he meets Coyote (ex president of the club). Sledge joins the club and has finally found a place he fits in. 
Now 10 years later his  past is coming back to haunt him. 
Daria Ford is all grown up now and a different person. She still can't forget Steve. Steve was her first love but on their first date Daria drank to much and when she threw herself at him her turned her down. So embarrassed she turned it around and told everyone he came on to her. Daria is best selling Author and one of her books is being made into a Lifetime movie. Headed to California her memories of Steve jump to the forefront of her mind, not that hes ever been far from her mind. She has heard he is in a MC,and wonders what it would be like to bump into him again.
Daria literally bumps into Steve. At a restaurant where she is on blind date Daria sees Steve/Sledge and just as she does she passes out she lands in his arms.
Sledge still holding a grudge, Daria still sorry for what she done to him. Can these to get it together and have what  they should of years ago or are things to broken.