Haunted  - Kristine Schwartz

Haunted is the 2nd book in the My Shattered Soul Saga by Kristine Schwartz, it is also the 2nd book I have read in the series. I did enjoy this better then the first book even the first one was pretty good. I do think there is a bit to much description about things that mean nothing to the book. The book probably would of been a lot shorter without all of that. But the story was still very interesting and I will hopefully be reading more of this series as it goes. This series is one you need to read in order to fully grasp everything and everyone in the book. 

In book one the leading lady Blair was 18 and killed in a car accident. When she awakes she finds herself in the Ghosted Realm. Book one is basically Blair getting to know the rules of her death, meeting new friends, and finding out that her new friends are actually old friends before her rebirth as Blair. 

In book 2, Blair and the rest of hr friends are grieving and trying to move on with the death of Charlie, her best friend and coach in the Ghosted Realm. When Blair accidentally clears a bar and the Human Realm are able to see it, she is put on probation. Tory is the council member and also the Boss Lady of the coaches. She is told that she must follow Blair and be with her at all times during the probation. During the probation time both Tory and Blair are holding secrets from each other. In the end Blair must survive this book.