ASH: Westside Skulls Motorcycle Club - Jessie Cooke
Ash is the 4th book in the Westside Skulls series by Jessie Cook. This series just keeps getting better and better to me. I have read all 4 books in the series and cannot wait to continue reading this series. There is a lot of colorful language, some hot sex scenes, and some violence in each of the books but the true story in each book is love and family. Which is true to most of the bikers I know, and I know a lot of them. I like how each book is dedicated to a different member of the MC but you still get to follow the characters from previous books. You also get to know the future leading characters a little. 

In this book Ash is our leading man. Although his cover picture is not my kind of sexy, the man in the book is hot. Ash has been dealing with a broken heart for over 5 years. After being left at the alter he moves to California with his best friend to join the Westside Skulls. He has built a life as an Enforcer in the MC. When his father dies his past comes crashing down on him. 

Ash is Asher Bennett IV, his father owns Bennett Textiles and is a multi millionaire if not billionaire. Asher is a college graduate with a business degree and worked on Wall Street. Mackenzie better known as Mack, Ash and Steve better known as Sledge grew up together, they were best friends since middle school. Ash and Mack fell in love at 13. On their wedding day Mack is a no show. Ash pack his bags and follows Sledge (Steve) to California and doesn't look back. 

Charlie or Charlotte is Ash's little sister. She was 10 when Ash leaves for California. Now almost 16 she is filled with hurt over Ash leaving her. Ash was very close to his father and sister but could not deal with his step mother Allison. Allison is a gold digger and when Ash's father passes leaving his money and business to Charlie things get really deep. 

When Charlie runs away Mack travels to California to tell Ash in person that Charlie is missing the hurt and love Ash had and still carries for Mack bubbles up to the surface. The search begins for Charlie and so does the search of the heart. 

Sledge is the next book in the series. I can't wait to see his story.