Shadow  - L. Wilder

Shadow is book 2 in the Satan's Fury MC- Memphis Chapter Series by L. Wilder. I have read the 1st book Blaze as well and it really sucked me into this series. Shadow did not let me down, if anything it was better. I love how even though this is a stand alone, it was more or less a continuation of the first book, at least as the characters go. I enjoy books that keep the same characters and adds new ones. This book and series are very fast passed.and I found myself hurrying around other things I need to do to get back to reading. The books has colorful language, some sex scenes, some violence, it is dirty and gritty at times but all in all a awesome read. There is an 18+ warning as well, and I can see why, as far as the language, sex, and violence go. But the book actually has a sweet love story baked right in. 

In this book we get to know Shadow better. He is an Enforcer in the Satan's Fury MC Club. At age 10 he lost his parents and sister in a house fire and went into a Foster Home. If loosing his family wasn't enough the abuse he suffered there was, but his troubles do not end there. During his time in the Military he was held captive in Afghanistan as well. Completely broken when he returned to the States he found his salvation in MC. No the club does not work above the line of the law but he ha found a true family to help heal his broken heart and mind. 

Alex finds out about Daddy's dirty little secrets and leaves everything she has ever known. She starts out driving a BMW but afraid Daddy would find her trades it for a beater car. When she gets to Memphis Tennessee the beater car gives up on her. Hallie runs a quaint little book store where Alex stopped to get out of the rain. When the car dies Hallie saves Alex by inviting her in for the night. That night has lasted 6 years when Hallie dies and leaves the place to Alex. 

Now 7 years later Shadow frequents the little book shop on occasion to get away from everything for a little while. He grabs a book off the shelf makes a cup of coffee and goes to the comfy sofa at the back of the store to read and not think, and lately to get a glimpse of the pretty little shop owner. When he is done he drops a $20 on the counter and out the door he goes back to life and reality. One morning Alex tells him he doesn't nee to leave the money and he tells her her knows but wants to. This is the beginning of the Alex and Shadow story, and let me tell you it is a awesome story.