DarkMan: The Haunting of Oldfield Drive The Spirit Guide, Book 3  -  Caroline Clark

I really enjoyed this book. It is rather short but gets right into the creepiness right off the bat and stays there all the way through. 

In the book Margie is alone with her husbands recent passing, or is she alone. Each night a vicious spirit attacks Margie. 

Jesse and Gail have started their own Paranormal Investigation business. They get an email from Margie asking for help with her situstion.

Gail doesn't really believe Margie is being haunted. Jesse talks her into going with him and talking to Margie to see if it a real haunting or if she is a quack. And they need their first paying client in order to kick off their business.

Once in Margie's home Gail has no choice but to believe Margie as she gets to see first hand what Margie has been going through. 

Now Jesse and Gail have to figure out how to save Margie and to find out who the spirit is and why he is tormenting and torturing Margie.

I was given this free audio book at my request and have voluntarily left this review.