A Mother's Gift - Charlotte Hubbard

I am a huge Charlotte Hubbard fan, I have been reading her books for a few years now which is kind of shocking being as my go to genre is paranormal. Charlotte doesn't need any hosts or ghouls to bring her fascinating tales of Amish families to life. This book is the my favorite so far of all of her books I have read, and I have loved them all. As a Stepmom myself I can relate to some of this of this book, and enjoyed all of this book. Perfect book with Mother's Day just around the corner.


The book is about Leah Otto, a real Tomboy. Instead of learning to cook and sew like most Amish girls, Leah helped her father with the farm animals. When she was about 13 she goes with her father to auctions and she meets Jude Shetler who is calling the action.


Years later Jude is a widower with 3 children. He has twin 16 year old girls and a 5 year old boy. Jude and Leah fall in love and decide to marry. Both of their families do not believe this to be a good idea, and the night before the wedding tell each of them their thoughts on the marriage. But they go through with it anyway.


Once married the twins really test Leah to the point after just a few months Leah is just miserable. She has kept all the things the girls have done to her over the past few months to herself, but at her wits end tells Jude she cannot live with him anymore. Jude unlike a lot of men steps in to keep his family together.


This is not just a case of telling the girl to be nice to their new step mom. It goes way further then that. Already acting out and dating English men the girls over hear Jude tell Leah that he is not their biological father.


While trying to get their little family straightened out. One night they hear a car pull up then leave, then a cry of a baby. Someone has left a tiny baby on their porch. Leah now has to decide how she can make them all a family.