Smorgasbord: The Art of Swedish Breads and Savory Treats - Johanna Kindvall

I love to cook. To me it is more of a hobby then a means of sustaining life.  This book is more then just a bunch of recipes. First of all you get a history to go with some of the dishes. This book features Swedish recipes. It gives you better understanding of why these dishes are served at certain holidays. It also has a bunch of tasty recipes. Including a starter recipe for sourdough. Which I have on my kitchen counter. The bread from it is AWESOME!! The books has recipes for soups, condiments, breads, main dishes, veggie dishes, desserts and more. This book is well worth it. 


I actually read this book a while ago but was asked to hold my review until publication. 


I received this book from the Author or Publisher via to read and review.