Weddings at Promise Lodge - Charlotte Hubbard

Weddings at Promise Lodge is the 3rd book in the Promise Lodge series. This is also the 3rd book I have read. Charlotte Hubbard has done an amazing job with this series. You feel like you at at Promise Lodge. The characters in the book feel like friends at this point. You take a deep look into the lives of this little group of people. It's hard to believe that this book and these people are fiction. Charlotte makes them seem so real. This is my favorite book so far in the series, but I also said that after I finished book 1 and again after book to so when book 4 comes along I am sure I will say it again. The strange part is this is not usually the type of story I read, but I am hooked.

In Weddings at Promise Lodge the book starts out with Mattie and Preacher Amos finally getting married. Christine and the new Bishop's relationship is really kicking into overdrive. Rosetta and Truman are still plugging along and talk to the Bishop about marrying them, even though she will be marrying out of their religion. Truman is a Mennonite.

All sounds good and happy until new people and problems show up at Promise Lodge. Preacher Amos is a bit skeptical about the new Bishop already but when a young woman Leola shows up pronouncing she is to marry him and that he has ruined her, the questions and doubts really start flying from Preacher Amos, but Christine stays steadfast in her loyalty to Bishop Monroe Burkholder and knows things will work out for them. There is something wrong with Leola though and everyone can see it but Amos. She has run away from home without her medication. So the Bender sisters band together to take care of Leola until her family can be reached and she be returned home.

Then a beautiful blond girl Maria shows up. She wants to rent one of the apartments and bring her bakery building to Promise Lodge. Immediately Rosetta gets a bad feeling, especially when she sees how chummy Truman is with her.

This book really runs the gambit of emotions, more so then with the other 2 books. There is love, loss, jealousy, happiness, sadness and so much more. It is a real rollercoaster, that I would love to ride again. I cannot wait for the 4th book.