Fifo "50 States" - Hayley Rose, Jessie B. Orlet

This book is awesome!! Each set of pages in the book is about a different state that makes up United States. The states are in alphabetical order. This book is filled with facts about each state. You learn the states name, the state motto, the capital, the state flower, tree, and bird. The 2nd page in each set is an adorable illustration showing things about each state including the state flag, the state shape, and things the state is known for.

I personally enjoyed this book as much if not more then the kids, and they loved it. I learned a lot too. This is an awesome book for kids of all ages. I personally believe a child is never to young to start learning. Hayley Rose has done a fabulous job with this book from the facts to the illustrations.

I was given my copy of the book by the Author.