By Michael Phillip Cash The Flip [Paperback] - Michael Phillip Cash

I have been dying to get to read this book. I love ghost stories, I love haunted houses, I also love history. This book had it all for me. 


Julie and Brad a married couple find houses fix them up and flip them. After their latest house closing Brad decides to take the scenic route home. Julie spots a For Sale sign for a dilapidated old Mansion and immediately is drawn to it. Against Brads judgement they buy it. 


Brad is the brawn in their flipping. He does most of the remodeling himself. Strange things and feelings start almost immediately when he begins work on the house.  His attitude changes and he is very short and cross with Julie whenever he is at the house. 


Brad wants nothing more then to finish the house and sell it as soon as possible. Julie on the other hand wants to keep the house and tun it into a B&B. After their house mysteriously burns down they move into the mansion and things really get strange. And dangerous. 


This was a short book and at times the timeline felt a bit rushed, but it was still a great story. It bounced between the present and Gerald and Tessa (the ghosts) past, filling you in on the history part of the story.  Michael Cash also added in that the house was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Which one really did exist in that town but not at this made up house.  The town is real, some of the people are real, and the Underground railroad was real. I really enjoyed everything about this book. It is not really scar the are some creepy parts to it though. 



I was given this book by the Author for reviewing purposes. The thoughts in this review are my own and not because the Author wanted me to say so.