The Rest of Forever - Carrie Pulkinen

I have to admit after a couple of chapters I was ready to put this book down and move on. This book started out very slow for me. I did hang in there and am quite glad I did. The book ended up pulling me and I love that it brought a feeling of emotion into not only the pages but into my heart as well.

The book is about school teacher April Carter. She wants every girls dream of love, family , and security. She is settling with the love part in order to get the family and security. Until Damien her Guardian Angel stirs feelings in her and opens her eyes to her present not so satisfying relationship. The problem with that is Damien is not looking for love and especially not with a human. Damien has been hurt before and is sour to the idea of love. April will have to work hard to make him change his mind. Can she do it?