Reckless Temptations - Janine Infante Bosco
This is the 2nd book in this series I have read. Uncontrollable Temptations was the first book I, which left me wanting more. I was not disappointed with Reckless at all. It was a great story. I love Janine Infante Bosco's writing style. She grabs you and whisks you away before you even make it to Chapter 1. I love that this book was able to be read as a stand alone. It does make references to things that has happened in the other 3 books of this series, but she explains the situations so you are not left lost. I love all of her characters even the ones I want to kill myself.

This book takes you into the life of Riggs. He has just been fully inducted fully into the Satan's Saints Motorcycle club. To me he has a boyish way to him I just fell in love with. Don't get m wrong by that comment he is a badass in every sense of the word. Sory not gonna give the story away. But if you like reading about bad boys,. If you like some romance but not so much it takes over the whole story. If you crave action. Toss in some hot and steamy sex, not a whole lot mind you, but just enough, pick up this book. Put your helmet on you may need it for this fast paced adventure. I am kind of partial to the whole Bad Boy Biker scene, so much so I married one myself.

This really is a great book, and a great series.

I was given my copy in exchange for my honest review.