A Thousand Salt Kisses - Josie Demuth
The main Characters in the book are Crystal and Llyr. Crystal is 17 and from London. Her father decides to retire and move the family to Starfish Island. One night she is out with Friends and swims out to far in water. Just when she thinks she will drown Llyr appears and takes her back into shore. Llyr disappears as soon as a friend show up finding Crystal in the waters edge.

Crystal begins her search for Llyr and along the way learns a lot about the mermaid loremainly from a fisherman named George.When Crystal does finally catch up with Llyr he takes her on a magical journey.

Yes my book description is kind of vague but I do not want to give the story away.

I will be giving this book 4 stars. The book started off a bit slow for me but it did pick up rather quickly with a few slow spots along the way. The book does come filled with lots of situations and of course lore. Crystals parents are not getting along, first love, all on top of teenage angst. I do feel this book would be more enjoyable for a older teen girl then a older woman but it is still a pretty good read.

I was given my copy of this book for review purposes.