In the Context of Love - Linda K. Sienkiewicz
In this book the man character is Angelica. She is basically telling her life story. She is actually telling her 1st boyfriend Joe her life story. Joe was her first love and one day just disappeared from her life without a word. She she is basically filling him on what became of her after he left. A boy was her life a roller coaster. This is really not a happy story. It is a dark story. The secrets of her family life, the leaving of her high school sweetheart, her dive into, sex, drugs, and alcohol abuse.

If you have any empathy in you, you will go through the full gammon of emotions, while reading this book. I do not usually read such books as this but I am actually glad I did. This is like a memoir. It could be your neighbor, friend, or even a family member telling this story.

The characters are really defined in this book. You get to know each and every one of them. Ms. Sienkiewics does a great job at keeping you turning the pages. A few, ok several times, I want to flip to the last chapter to see how the book turned out, instead I kept turning the pages.

I was given my copy of this book to read and give an honest review.