Fibers (Infiltration Trilogy, #1) - Jennifer-Crystal Johnson
This book literally had my skin crawling. In the book Anna Reynolds skin is breaking out with sores that itch and take forever to heal. At times there are red and blue fibers coming from the sores. She also feel like things are crawling under the skin. She decides to go to the hospital and have the fibers analyzed in the lab instead she is tossed into the psychiatric ward. While in the hospital she meets a doctor who is studying her condition as it is happening all over. They give the disease a name but no one knows where it cam from, how it started, and there is no cure for it. Anna agrees to being a test subject so to speak. Now it is up to Anna, the doctor, and her friends to figure out what this disease and try and save Anna. And also uncover the secret inter-dimensional government agreement along the way.

This really is a intense book it's probably not for the really squeamish. It does grab you and drag you in holding you with the little blue and red fibers.

This is my first book by Jennifer-Crystal Johnson. I really liked her writing style an they way she kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the book. I love how her descriptions are to the point instead of filling you with a bunch or stuff you that really has nothing to do with this story or anything else for that matter. I really liked her characters. She has done a great job of really bringing them all to life. I also loved the way that she wrote this story well enough to make you wonder if this could actually happen.

I was given my copy of this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.