New Jerusalem News: A Novel (The Dominick Chronicles) - John  Enright
I would really love to visit New Jerusalem. It sounds like one of those Quirky small towns. Where every one knows everything. If you sneeze today your neighbor will say "bless you" tomorrow when you see him.
The books main character is Dominique who is a professional house guest. He drifts from lace to place and always has a place to stay. He starts our staying with one Couple then ends of moving to another couples home. Where he ends up deciding to stay the winter in a New Jerusalem instead of his normal routine of going south like the birds for the winter.
Dominique never gets involved with the goings on in the towns he stays or in the lives of the people he stays with. But this winter he will. He tries not to but try as he might he gets dragged in to the plight of his host. Then the fun really begins in the story. There is a environmental protest going on and Dominique ends of being suspected in terroristic bombings.
John Enright really drags you into this book. Not only does he introduce you to his characters but you really feel like you get to know these people personally. There is never a truly dull moment in this book. I usually rad more romance and paranormal books and skip right over this type of book, but I am very glad I chose to read this book. I really enjoyed it.

I received this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.