A Simple Vow (Simple Gifts) - Charlotte Hubbard
When 19 year old Edith hears a commotion coming from the road she goes to investigate. When she sees 2 men arguing and hears the cries of baby she first stops to calm the baby to find twins in the back of a the buggy crying. She grabs up the babies then gives the 2 men a talking down too about scaring the babies. She realizes one of the men is the ex-fiance of her sister Will. But has no idea who the handsome stranger is.

After Edith's father broke off the engagement between Will and Edith's sister Loretta, will moved on with his life. He married Molly. Molly soon after giving birth to the twins dies from cancer leaving Will with the twins to raise. Not a big deal except that her last words told him the babies belonged to Asa.

Will goes looking for Asa and actually finds him, but does he have the right man. Asa tracks Will down to let him know he has no idea what Will is talking about and does not know Molly.

Will has brought the twins to Edith to raise for him until he can find the babies father and get his life straightened out. Asa pledges to find the father of these babies. But first falls for Edith at first site.

From there every ones lives are turned upside down and inside out. In the Amish community there is peace and love not lies, deceit, and mystery.

This is a very good book. It is fast moving and takes you through the lives on not only Edith and her family but also through the whole community of Willow Ridge. I very much enjoyed this book and cannot wait for the next book in the series.