Three Days to Forever - Lauren Carr
I am not a fan of terrorism or spy novels so this one was a bit hard for me to read. I did enjoy a lot of the book that was not dealing with terrorism and spies. I really enjoyed reading about the wedding and the craziness involved in their wedding, and was thankful I had none of those problems when planning my own wedding. A few things were a little unbelievable in the book, but it was an ok read and I only say that because it turned out to not really be my type of book.
In the book the race is on to get everything in place for the Social event of the of the year. Mac Faraday and Archie Monday's wedding, which is 3 days away. The story takes place mostly in Deep Creek at or around the Famous Spencer Inn and Spencer Manor. Both of which are owned by Mac Faraday. A team of hit men show up to kill Mac, the Brides mother, and their dog Gnarly.
I love how Lauren Carr introduces you to the cast at the very front of the book. I kind of skimmed over it at first, but as I got into the book I really liked having it there as a reference when a new character showed up, since I have not read the other books in the series. I like her writing style she does try to keep your attention and to keep turning the pages. She does a great job with details, she tells you just enough to let you picture it without boring you to tears by making the book 3/4 details. I really loved that.