Murder on Safari - Peter Riva, R. D. Watson
This story takes place in the East Africa region. Pero Baltazar a television producer and his crew come to film the wild life but instead end up twisted and tied up in a al-Shabaab terrorist attack. There are quite a few twists and turns int he book and tons of suspense. The story for me started out a little slow but once it started moving it ran the rest of the way through the book. I did enjoy the descriptions of East Africa though I could picture it in my mind. As a place I have never been, Reter Riva brought it to life for me.
I did listen to the audio version which is read by R. D. Watson. His voice is great for a suspense filled novel like this. I loved his slight accent. R. D. Watson was great at expressing the situation with just his voice. You knew when people were happy and laughing, when they were scared, and more. You also learned the different characters voices very quickly, each was unique in its own way.

I was given my copy of the audible book in exchange for my honest review.