Push and Pull - Emily Cyr
Wow what a book. The book involves, drugs, vampires and a humans with super powers called Pushers.
Addison is a drug addicted pusher. Her super power is super speed. She is in deep with her dealer at the beginning of the book. A vampire named Canon in a way buys her from her dealer in exchange for not only cleaning herself up but she also owes him 3 favors. He will not tell her what the favors are or when he will collect. So basically she is at his beck and call until he is ready to cash in.
Addison does clean herself up and gets straight. Seven years later still owing Cannon she gets a call, not on the phone but mentally. She rushes to him to be told he was collecting on one of the favors.
He turns her over to his brother Lachlan, who is also a vampire and also in debt to Cannon. The favor is to help clear the streets or a deadly drug to other Pushers. This is when the book takes flight.
I really enjoyed this book. Hated the ending only because I do not have the 2nd book laying here ready to pick up. The last couple of sentences in the book is basically the beginning of book 2.
I really enjoyed the way Emily Cry trapped me into the story. The characters were all well defined. There was not an over abundance of description. There was just enough to let your minds eye have a picnic on what was going on around the characters. There is also just a touch of romance, and 1 sex scene.
I cannot wait for book 2.