The Empty Room - Sarah J. Clemens
My Review:
Newlyweds Dean and Elizabeth Montgomery buy their first home in Eastbrook Main. They buy it as is with all of the previous owners belongings still in the home. They were told the previous owner just walked away one day. They are excited to be living in a small town, both are from Chicago. They want the close knit living of the small town. What they get is anything but close knit to outsiders.

The town is cold to the pair. Then they discover there are secrets in the town. The more they find out about these secrets the weirder the town seems to react to them. Until Elizabeth goes missing.

This book left me kind of shocked at the ending. I wasn't expecting what happens after Elizabeth disappears. And I am not gonna say in this review.

The book is short but very interesting, at least it was to me. The story flowed and zoomed along at a great pace. I loved how it introduced you to different characters but yet did not tell you their secrets at first. The whole book just left me guessing through out, then explained itself in the end.