Grimm Woods - D. Melhoff
I would like to give this book more then 5 stars. From the seconds I picked this book up I was physically attached, I couldn't walk away from it. I had the book setting on the table even when I was cooking dinner. My husband kept checking on me since I set in the kitchen reading so I was not disturbed by the TV in the living room. My Daughter is visiting from out of state and I kept right on reading.

D. Melhoff has done an amazing job with this book. I love how he brought the true Grimm Fairy Tales in to play in this book instead of as the books says the Disney versions. This book is definitely twisted. I love the imagination it took to turn a book of fairy tails into a instruction manual for murder. Some of the scenes are very graffic, there is a good bit of cussing, and couple mild sexual scenes.

The book is about a Fairy Tale themed summer camp for disturbed children. Everyone is ready for a fun filled week, when the camp councilors start ending up dead on the 1st night. At first they think the councilors over dosed but on night 2 when 2 more end up dead everyone becomes afraid. As the murders continue 2 of the councilors figure out the puzzle of the murders. The councilors are being killed in the same way as the original Grimm Fairy Tales. Now they have to The camp is in a remote area with no cell phone service and no one around for 100 miles they have to try and stay alive while they figure out who is killing the councilors.