To Be a Child - Debra Schoenberger
I am in awe of the book. It is amazing, Awesome,wonderful, fantastic. I love each and every picture. I love how each picture tells a story and no words were needed at all. I fell blessed to have been one of the chosen to review this book.
Debra Schoenberger has managed to tell one heck of a story without using any words at all. The pictures in this book are just amazing. If I had to pinpoint 1 picture in this book as being my favorite I couldn't. I did see a few that stuck with me.
There is one of a small child setting in a man's lap, I assume her father. It does not show the people faces, but the way he has his arms around the child and his hands crossed over her, it just screams I Love this child.
There is a picture of a mother fixing her daughters hair, the girl probably 5 is pouting, there is another little girl standing beside them, she looks to be about 2 or 3 and she is wringing her hands and looking at the floor with this look on her face like "Oh no and I'm next", I just had to laugh at this picture.
There is also a set of 4 pictures, a little girl and her Daddy waiting on the train beside a snow covered hill, both of them are reading the newspaper. The little girl looks to be about 2 or 3.
I could go on and on until I described all of the pictures in this book. they are just wonderful. You can see so much in the eyes and expressions on thee kids faces that you need no words at all.
I have the PDF version of the book but will be getting the hard copy. My Grand Kids love looking at pictures of kids, They really enjoy my photo albums. They love to discuss each picture in them. What the child is doing, are they mad, sad, happy. They decide what each picture depicts. They would really love this book.. With so many pictures in so many situations.
Great Job Debra!!!!

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.