Haunted: Ten Tales of Ghosts - Rayne Hall, Sera Hayes, Jonathan Broughton, Grayson Bray Morris, Kiersten Hartrim, Carole Ann Moleti, Douglas Kolacki, William Meikle, Tracie McBride
I just finished reading Haunted: Ten Tales of Ghosts. It has 10 short ghost stories. You can read a story or 2 in just a few minutes. Which I really like, since spare time comes in short spurts for me. Each of the stories are by different authors. I enjoyed 3 of the stories more then the others not to say I didn't like them too. Breakwater Beach was one of my favorites, it's about a woman whose husband recently passed away so she moves to Cape Cod bought a house to open as a B&B. Her husband from a past life shows up . The mine Shaft is another of my favorites. It takes place in a old mining town and ends in an abandoned mine shaft. It has a very creepy ending. But my favorite story was the last one in the book A Puddle of Dead, it is more of a sci-fi type story then a ghost story but it is a great one. It takes place in 2048, a woman's ex-boyfriend who she still loves and who is a drug addict shows up for a final goodbye. Yes my descriptions are a bit vague but I don't want to give the stories away or there will be no reason for you to read this great book.