In Canada - Gwyneth Jane Page
The Travel Adventures or P J Mouse is a great way for kids to learn about some of the sites and people around the world. This is book 1 of the series.
In this book we meet P J Mouse. P J is not a real mouse but a stuffed mouse who is all alone and sad. Until Emily finds him. She cleans him up and invites him on her trip through Canada with her family.
During the trip P j gets to visit several interesting places throughout Canada like Niagra Falls. Not only does the book take your child into the adventure. And not only is the story fun and interesting, but it is very educational.
There are tons of wonderful illustrations in the book, that jump starts the child's imagination to help them see the places covered in the book, The descriptions as well as the pictures just make this a wonderful book.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.