The Spirit Chaser - Kat Mayor, K.M. Montemayor
Let me start this review of by just saying: For the last 2 days this book has scared the crap out of me. Yep there ya go I admitted it. I love a good paranormal story and this is one of the best by far I have read in a long time. At times the book drags on a little bit, but when it scary it takes your breath away. By dragging on I don't really mean this book is slow. There was the parts towards the first of the book when they were getting ready for the next season and it was a bit slow. Actually though those parts do help you understand parts of the book later on and why they were important. You just don't realize it at the time. My advice is keep reading. My other advice is read with the light on. This book is scary at least to me.
I really enjoyed the writing style of K.M. Montemayor. I loved the characters in the book. Their life like qualities were great and they truly flowed through the story. At times you wished some of the characters were real people so you could grab them and shake them. Mainly Austin Cole.
Austin is the lead investigator and founder of the Spirit Chaser investigations crew. Spirit Chaser Investigations is a band of friends who are also ghost chasers. He is also the world's leading paranormal investigator and is the star of cable television's most popular show which is also named Spirit Chaser Investigations.
At the end to the prior season of the show one of Austin's best friends and also the team psychic is hurt and resigns from the crew. After being asked by Austin to recommend someone in comes Casey Lawson. The fun begins. Austin is a self centered person and Casey is a no nonsense kind of girl. so the clashing begins. Sorry that's all you get about the story, I don't want to ruin it for anyone.
This book is not all about scary stuff it is also takes you down the path of each of the members lives. I love how every character in the book is a star in their own way. Now one gets pushed to the side so the 2 main characters do all the shining. I would love to see this movie turned into a series. I would really love to see this book turned into a movie truthfully.