The Seer's Lover (The Seven Archangels Series) - Kat de Falla
Calise Rowe took over the family business as a pharmacist. One night a strange man comes in with a prescription just as Calise is starting to close the store. As Calise is filling the prescription for the man becomes physical with her. Another man comes in the shop and basically runs the first man off. As she leaves the store she finds the 2nd man dying in the parking lot. He tells her to find his sister Carmen in Costa Rica.
Calise has always had the ability to see and feel things about people that others do not. When She jumps on a plane and heads to Costa Rica it is like landing in a whole new realm for her filled with Angels, Demons, and other supernatural beings with powers as well.
The book was pretty good. It felt a bit rushed at times. This is one book I would of liked a bit more explanations and descriptions in, to make the story come together a bit better.