Jessica Faraday witnessed a whole family being murdered 15 years ago but has suppressed the memories. Now in the present she has started to have nightmares about that night and is starting to remember bits and pieces of those memories she suppressed. Poor Murphy is catching the brunt of it as she is attacking him during her nightmares.

Dallas Walker is an investigative reporter. Her newest story is about the Pine Bridge Massacre. As she tells Murphy and Jessica about it they come to the conclusion that Jessica did actually witness the murders.

Jessica and Murphy head to Pine Ridge to solve the murders and to help Jessica with her suppressed memories and so Murphy can get a good nights sleep without Jessica trying to kill him.

Lauren has done it again with this book. I really loved all the twist and turns in the investigation. Every time I kind of thought I had it figured out, a new twist would come along. There are actually a couple of mysteries in the book. It is a very fast paced book. I couldn't stop once I started this book. I really enjoy Lauren Carr's books. I liked the Mac Faraday series and I really enjoyed the 1st book in this series as well. I love how she keeps the same characters and also adds to the list with each book. I like how she crossed over some of the characters from the Mac Faraday series.

I did listen to the audiobook which was given to me as art of a book tour promotion.