Gull Harbor - Kathryn  Knight

I love a good Ghost Story. This one is more of a romance then a ghost story but it is still good. The story mostly focuses on the 2nd chance romance of Claire Linden and Max Baron, the 2 main characters in the book. There is a ghost and a mystery also involved. The book doesn't have much strong language but there are several sex scenes. 


Kristin James is the narrator of the audiobook. She does a good job with her voices and keeps the story moving. She did keep my attention throughout the story. I did not care for her voice of Dan at all though. She did give him a good northern accent but I just did care for the tenor of his voice. 


Claire Linden is a medium. She gets a call from a family asking for her help. They have a very unhappy ghost and need her help. Claire goes to the small town of Gull Island MA. Not only does she make contact with the ghost in the home but also a ghost from her past. Her Ex-boyfriend Max also lives in Gull Harbor. 


Max Baron was given an ultimatum years ago and left Clair without an explanation. When he sees her in his small town. All the feelings that have been held at bay for years crash back in. Clair on the other hand is full of bitter resentment towards him. 


As Claire tries to solve the mystery of Maria the Spanish speaking ghost, there is a new mystery with a living person who wants to keep Maria's death a secret. Max and Claire are basically picking up the pieces of their relationship. But Max will have to save her or loose her forever.