A Witch's Journey (The Lobster Cove Series) - Tena Stetler

A Witch's Journey is book one in Tena Stetler's new series The Lobster Cove Series. The book to me was a sweet paranormal romance. It basically focuses on the main characters budding romance. If you want sweet and romance based this is a good book. With a witch and a shifter I figured there would be more magic going on. The blurb to the book really made it sound like this book would be action packed. Sadly it was not. 


Pepper Mckay is from a long line of witches. Her Aunt passed away a few years ago and left everything to Pepper once her partner Colleen either moves or passes away. Colleen has decided to move closer to her family and ends the life contract. So Pepper at a very low point in her life receives her inheritance. 


Pepper loads up and moves to Lobster Cove Maine. She decides to turn the land into a wildlife center. This is when she meets Navy Seal Lathan. He is the town handyman and also a Wolf Shifter. At the minute he cannot shift due to an injury  during his military service. 


Pepper and Lathan very quickly let their mutual attraction for each other turn into a serious romance. 


There are a few times during the book I thought things were going to get moving, but those things were handled very calmly and easily and did not jump the story into gear for me. I like a little mystery, I like a lot of paranormal, I like some romance, but I love some heart pounding moments, this book just didn't have that. I guess it would be a good story for a lazy day or before bed. 


I did listen to the audiobook. It is narrated by Kate Tyler. I have to admit the story may of been a bit better with a different narrator. I prefer narrators to had more depth to the characters and even the story parts. Kate would at times read..one..word..at..a..time. I really did not care for her male character voices at all either.