Muriel Avenue Sluts - Maggie Hasbrouck

I wasn't really sure going into this book if I would enjoy it or not. I definitely enjoyed it. It was a powerful story that caught my attention right off the bat and I was sad for it to end. Maggie Hasbrouck really had my emotions going all through this book, I even shed a tear or two. Even though the book is about a Community of Sluts there is no graphic sex. There is some strong language, but not enough to take away from the book in any way. The book does have some child molestation in it but does not go into much detail, just enough to give you a small idea. I could not of read it if it gave full pictures. 


Julia Farmer narrates this book. She kept me fully involved in the story. I will definitely be looking for more books narrated by her. She put true depth and feeling into the book, her character voices were awesome. I love how she made it feel like she was telling me her story instead of reading to me. 


The book is about coming of age 17 year old Julia. She was born and raised on Muriel Avenue in Philadelphia PA. He mother is a slut, her Grandmother was a slut, and in a very short time so will Julia, and proud of it. Muriel Avenue is not your typical hometown avenue. It is a street of sluts, literally. They have their own little community. 


When Julia finds out her best friend Anna is being raped by one of the "Gentlemen", she kills him. It's the perfect crime, along with the help of Anna, she sprays him in the face with wasp spray to get the advantage, she then whacks him over the head with a frying pan, once he is knocked out she duct tapes his mouth, then squeezes his nose until he stops breathing. Then Anna and Julie after cleaning his face up and removing the tape toss him over the balcony. They tell everyone he fell. Barbara who I guess you would call the Madam has friends in high place, handles the whole mess by having her friends deal with the body. They put him in his car then drive him off a bridge, Problem solved. Right? Wrong!


Julia then meets Greta. She is the daughter of the man she killed. Julia doesn't tell her she killed him though. Greta had also been abused by her father and was happy he was dead. She convinces Julia to help her and another girl who was being molested to kill her father. 


This death sends Julia on the run, when she finds out she was set up by Greta to take the fall. 


Along the was you get to meet Julia's first love, feel the love of family, meet some strange people, and some really good an not so good friends. 


I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.