Clod Makes a Friend  - David J. Pedersen

Clod is poor, he's different from others in many ways, but mostly he is lonely. In a world where everyone but Clod has some form of magic, he is constantly bullied and has no friends. The biggest bully being his teacher Learned Yugen.

Clod has no one to play with, and the only thing he has to play with is bits of clay his mother brings him occasionally. One day Clod molds his clay into the shape of a little girl and brings her to life, she calls herself Ada. As time goes on Clod keeps reinventing Ada and reawakening her. Ada gets Clod into all kinds of trouble, but Clod doesn't care he finally has a friend. 

The book follows Clod's life up to age 57. Each chapter showing a Clod at a different age, it also tells the tells the trouble Ada gets him into. Like stealing a cake in the town of Durgoon because Ada wants to taste cake. 

As the years go on, not only does Clod keep bringing Ada to life but he also revives others who have died. He brings a poor little dog who has been trampled by a horse so his owner can say goodbye. He can bring back people as well but only for short periods of time. He is deemed as evil for his gift. 

This book actually has a few different morals for readers but does it in a subtle way. I enjoyed this book myself and know that children I would say from age 8 to probably 13 would enjoy it as well.


I was given this book by the Author as part of a book tour for iRead Book Tours. My review is my own thoughts.