Wading Through Shallow Water -  Toni Morrow Wyatt

Dee Dee Montgomery was born with a gift. She is a witch. Her parents died in a car accident when she as young and her mother never got the chance to teach Dee Dee how to use her gift. After her parents death she went to live with her Paternal Grandmother who refused to allow Dee Dee to use her gift. Now as an adult she owns a book store.


Alex Winter's just published a book. It is about his life after loosing his wife to cancer shortly after their son was born. In his heart and mind he believes there will never be another for him except his Mary.


Alex is scheduled to do a book signing at Dee Dee's store. he comes in to check out the place and immediately He and Dee Dee are drawn together. They help each other heal from their losses and even become engaged. Until Alex and his son are in a terrible car accident. Alex looses his short term memory and all memory of Dee Dee.


Mary's sister Kate who is also a witch, but a dark one, then comes into the picture. She wants Alex to think she is there to help them recover but instead she has her own agenda. She wants her families Book of Shadows, and Billy's (Alex's Son) power as well. And will stop at nothing to get it.


Dee Dee and Ada (Alex's housekeeper) must come up with a way to save everyone, and help Alex get his memory back.


This is really more a romance to me. It centers around Dee and Alex's relationship more then the witchcraft aspect for most of the book. I still think it was a really good book even though romance is not my chosen genre. I did enjoy all the characters even Kate who I hated, but her character was wall thought out and brought to life very well. This was my first book written by Toni Morrow Wyatt, but I will be on the lookout for me.


I received this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review, from the Author and Silver Dagger Book Tours.