Deadline (Blood Trails) (Volume 1) - Jennifer Blackstream

Deadline by Jennifer Blackstream is book 1 in the Blood Trials Series. I personally thought it was a great start for a series and cannot wait for book 2. This series has a lot of great potential to be one of my new favorite series. I really liked the main character Shade Renard. I love how she does not always have all the answers, and that all though she is a strong person she is not a strong witch. I love how she learns as she goes. All of the characters in the book were written very well, even the villains. This books was one of those I had a very hard time putting down.


In the book Shade is a village witch, kind of like a healer so to speak as well as taking care of problems in her village. Along with her Familiar a Pixie named Peasblossom they take on the village problems. But Shade also has a dream of being a PI.


An FBI Contact asks her to consult on a case of a possible haunting which includes a missing woman. Shade jumps at the chance. Then Crime Lord Anton Winters, AKA the Prince Kirill of Dacia, and also a Vampire shows up at Shades door to hire her to help find a his stolen black book, she gets her first real case, and can hopefully prove herself as a PI.


Dealing with stronger Otherworld creatures she will have to first survive the case, before she can solve it.


I was given my copy of this book by the Author and Enchantress Design and Promo as part of a book tour. My thoughts on this book are my own.