Gray's Promise - Anni Fife

Gray's promise is book 2 in the A King Security Series. I read book one, Luke's Redemption, a while back and loved it. I was lucky enough to receive an email from Annie herself asking me if I wanted to read book 2. I of course jumped at the chance. I am so glad that I did. As good as Luke's Redemption was Gray's Promise tops it. To me this book, actually both book's are movie quality. You know when you read a book and think to yourself I would love to watch this play out on the big screen? Well that is what I kept thinking. This book had my heart breaking, my heart racing, and my heart jumping for joy, and sometimes doing all 3 at once. There is a perfect balance of romance, which by the way is a 2nd chance romance, mystery and murder. The book is gripping. It drags you in on page one and makes you want more on the last page. I was on the edge of my seat, turning pages as fast as I could.


In the book Zoey Morgan was 19 on the night her world turned upside down. She was brutally raped and her family was murdered, and the love of her life walked away. Now 14 years later Zoey has blocked that night away in her mind and cannot remember anything but a few snippets here and there. She is out to discover the truth of that night as well as why her love left.


Grayson "Gray" Walker's heart was broken on that night when he is told that Zoey, who he called his Butterfly, has accepted his brother Jacks proposal of marriage. He decides to walk away and join the Marines. He has tried to see Zoey a few times over the years until one night she told him to just go away. Heart broken and defeated Gray does as Zoey asks.


Now 14 years later Zoey walks into the King's Security Office asking Gray for his help to unlock the memories and find out what really happened that night so she can move on with her life.


If you like a good roller coaster ride, I think you should grab a copy of this book and buckle up. You won't be sorry.