Twofer Murder - Lauren Carr

This is one of my favorite books so far of all the books by Lauren Carr I have had read, and I have loved them all. She takes all the main characters from 3 of her popular series, Mac Faraday, Lovers in Crime, and Thorny Rose mysteries and put them all in this one book. Not only that, she sends the women to murder mystery writers conference in Pennsylvania and the guys go fishing in West Virginia. 


Sounds fun right? The women end up involved in a murder of one of the writers at the conference and the guys end up involved in the murder of a journalist investigating a timber company for fraud. They basically all still work together to solve both crimes even though they are states away, via cell phones. Each group works on their own case but gives and gets input from the others via cell phones. 


I love how she has all the characters watching each others backs both near and far. I love the humor as well as the seriousness in the book. Lauren has really done a great job with this book. I love all 3 series, but by putting them all together this made for a really great read. I love how all the characters are so well thought out, and each person brings their own weight to this book. Everyone is a star player in the book. 


I was given my copy by Lauren Carr and IRead Books Tours in exchange for my honest review.