Doctor Kinney's Housekeeper - Sara Dahmen
The name of this book has been changed to Widow 1881. 

I really enjoyed this book. It is not what I normally read but maybe I should change that. The book to me read almost like a diary. It was written in first person. You really got to know Jane Weber, all of her thoughts and feelings were really laid out. A few times I even had a tear in my eye. Sara Dahmen has done a wonderful job with this story. It really jumped off the pages. Her descriptions were very lifelike but yet there wasn't so much description that I got bored or skipped paragraphs. I really enjoyed the book and the setting.

Bostonian Jane Weber is recently widowed at a young age. Her marriage was not one filled with love or lust, it was more like a quiet friendship. After her husbands passing Jane wanted to get a taste of passion and during that brief moment she later finds herself to be pregnant. With her husband being dead and the father of the child being out of the picture, Jane decides to take a job as housekeeper to a Doctor in the Wild West to keep her secret. 

After loosing her baby, nearly dying, falling for the Doctor then convincing to court another woman, Jane decides to head back east, and deal with her broken heart. Now the questions are: Will she change her mind and go back West? Will she meet someone new and start a new life? Will the Doctor come after her? Read the book and find out!!