The Zee Brothers: Zombie School Lockdown: Zombie Exterminators, Book 2 - Grivante, Ian McEuen, Grivante Press

The Zee Brothers and JJ are back. This time they are called in on a case at a local school. It all started when Little Tommy was sent to the nurses office with a tummy ache. Tommy didn't just have a tummy ache though. The nurse calls the Zee Brothers. When the Brothers and JJ arrive they get more then they bargained for. Not just has Tommy been turned Zombie but they find a full fledged outbreak on their hands. Problem is all of their weapons are in the van, outside of the school, and they are locked in. 

I love these Zee Brothers stories. This is my 2nd and can't wait for a 3rd. This is not your ordinary Zombie book. It is filled with funny redneck humor. I listened to the audiobook and Ian McEwan does an amazing job of bringing this story to life. Both of the books have been short reads but Grivante fills the page with humor and action. These books are not really for kids there is a good bit of foul language and this one even has a touch of sex.


Ian McEuen really does a great job narrating this audiobook. He really brings it to laugh and I think I laughed harder because him.