The Zee Brothers : Zombie Exterminators - Grivante

This was a very short book. It was filled with action and humor. Ian McEuen has done an amazing job with this story. He was great with the narration as well as the different voices. 

To me this was not the normal Zombie book. It was more like a Zombie book with back woods Rednecks. It was a fun book to listen to.

Jonah and Judas are brothers and Zombie hunters, they drive a pick up, and argue with each other over pretty much everything. Especially the girl JJ. A housing development was built on top of an ancient Indian burial ground and when an artifact was disturbed it has awoken the Zombies. The Zombies are trying to get the amulet back and along the way they take out anyone and everyone in their path. 

They receive a call to come take care of the Zombies in a man's house and the phone call ends with a holler and a gurgling sound. Jonah and Judas head out to find out what has happened, knowing the man was probably killed by the Zombies in his house. This is where they meet up with JJ and her magical and disco imbued dog, Xanadu.