A Witch's Path - N. E. Conneely

A Witch's Path is book 2 in N E Conneely's Witch For Hire series. the book picks up where book one A Witch For Hire leaves off.


Michelle Oaks is a covenless witch she is also a consultant to several Law Enforcement Agencies In the Atlanta Area of Georgia. In the series the Humans and the magic world live side by side. Lately some of the Magic world have gone a little rogue and are causing all kinds of problems. In this book one of Michelle's best friend is kidnapped, Law Enforcement isn't working fast enough for Michelle and her friends so she takes it upon herself to come to the rescue. Also there is a large Dinosaur tearing up the town and it is up to Michelle to jump in and take care of business. All of this after Michelle decided to just do her job and consult and let the Police do theirs.


The series is a pretty action packed, there are a few dull moments though, and some repetitive parts not just in this book, but book one which bleeds over into book 2. The books are written in POV between Michelle and Elron. This book makes a bit more sense as to why Elron gets his own POV chapters more then in the first book. With all that being said I am enjoying this series and and ready to jump into book 3.


I was given my copy of this book from Audiobookworm Promotions and the author for review purposes.