Vacation Bride: A Tropical Billionaire Marriage of Convenience (Brides of Paradise) (Volume 1) - Vicky Loebel

Anna Williams best friend has signed up to be on The Vacation Bride reality internet show and won a spot. Problem is she broke her leg and had to have surgery to repair the break. There is no way she can go on the show. She gives her spot to Anna. Anna has no desire to go on the show but she does love the idea of an all expense paid vacation with her Father. Her father has recently had heart surgery, and she is excited to get him out of the Milwaukee winter.


Chris Andersen is a secret billionaire. He was raised as a resort Brat. Now that he is an adult he wants to make his resort the Paradise Resort. His cousin Ryan Anderson has agreed to be the bachelor on Vacation Bride, and internet reality series. Chris has agreed to host the show at Paradise Resort in order to pay for some improvements he wants. Sounds cut and dry right? Nope!! Ryan has eloped and now he cannot be the bachelor. Ryan talks Chris into taking his place.


Anna and Chris have a chance meeting. Anna plays off she is just a resort guest, and Chris plays as the Maintenance man at Paradise Resort. When they both realize they have been deceived by the other they try to be done with each other, problem is sparks have already flown.


Chris is now looking for a way out of being 1st prize in Vacation Bride. Anne and Chris come up with a plan. Where they will all win.


Vicky Loebel has done a great job with this book. I really liked th though and backstories she put into her characters. The book was sweet and clean. There were no strong sex scenes and no strong language. This is book one her new series Brides of Paradise. I will be watching for book 2.


Emily Beresford has also done a great job with the narration of the audiobook. She really brought the characters to life. You could hear the smiles and frowns in her voice. It was a pleasure to listen to her narrate this book. She kept the story flowing nicely and did not bore me with mechanical reading. If felt like she was getting into the story as much as I was.


I was gifted my copy of this book from the Author and AudioBookWorm for review purposes. The thoughts are my own.