Purgatory Hotel - Anne-Marie Ormsby
This book was a bit more then I bargained for in a few spots. If it is a dark subject this book hits on it. Murder, Child Sexual abuse, crib death, mental illness suicide and more. Even with all that darkness this was still a book I could not put down. In the book Dakota Crow wakes up with a headache in a strange place. She almost immediately finds out she is in Purgatory Hotel. But doesn't know why. She can't remember anything. She knows or least has a feeling she was a good person in life and has no idea what she could of done to end up in Purgatory. Purgatory is a dark, dirty, and scary place. It is always dark and always storming. Hallways lead on with no endings. People are strange. Book and cigarettes are free and always in reach though. The first person she meets is Danny the bartender. He basically tells her some of the rules abotu the place. The problem is the rules tend to change at will. She then meets Betty. Betty is in Purgatory for killing her husbandS. Someone tells Dakota about the Library of Remembrance. Dakota goes on a search to find it, hoping to be able to find out her past and what she done so wrong to get into this place. Once she finds it she finds her book of life and begins to read. She finds out she had been sleeping with her sisters boyfriend since she was 12, and so many other things she wished she didn't have to remember. Finally after reading the last page she must decide how and if she wants to make the needed amends to check out of Purgatory Hotel. I do have to admit that with throughout the book a singer named Nick Cave was brought up a lot so I found myself on Youtube checking him out. I found some new music to listen to. I was given this book for review purposes from the Author and Brook Cottage Books. Opinions are my own.