Awakening: Redeemer Chronicles, Book 1 - Julie C. Gilbert, Julie C. Gilbert, Caitlin Jacques

This was my first book by Julie C. Gilbert. So I was unsure what to expect fro her writing style. I was pleasantly surprised though. I Liked her writing style quite a bit. I liked how she gave you just enough background at any  given time to keep the story flowing and not leave you scratching your head. Her characters were well defined and each had their own personality that came through very nicely. The book was written with alternating chapters featuring the point of view of the different main characters. This did get me confused a couple of times and I had to go back and see which character was speaking. I do not usually choose books featuring vampires and zombies, but when I read the blurb on the book it still sounded like a decent story. I am glad I chose the book, even  with my aversion to vampires and zombies. The vampires and zombies did not really  play a large roll in the book, yes they are the bad guys but they did not have large speaking parts. 


Awakening is the first book in the Redeemer Chronicles series. The series is aimed toward Young Adult and is Fantasy. There was no colorful language or sexual situations in the book, so would be appropriate for even younger teens. 


Victoria Saveron Vic to her friends, is the main character in the book. She is or at least everyone but herself believed to be the Chosen One. Vic doesn't believe she is the Chosen One considering all of her friends have more and better powers then she does. 


Katrina and Tellen are her friends. They take off on a journey to find Vic's Father to help her recognize her true powers. If they survive the journey. Someone is unlocking Darkland portals to raise an undead army to take over the word, and Vic and her friends need to find out her true powers or loose the world as they know it. 


This is a short book. If it were not part of a series I would not be happy with the ending at all, guess I will just have to wait for book 2. hopefully it won't be a long wait. 


I was given my copy of this book from AudioBookWorm Promotions