Laurel's Gift - Tricia McGill

I chose this book because I am a avid reader of paranormal. I love books about ghosts. When I saw this book had the spirit of a little girl I jumped at the chance to read it. I was a little disappointed that the book did not center a little more on the ghost aspect it was still a very good read. The book mostly centers on Laurel and Eli's budding romance, I still set up late turning pages. This is a rather short book. I was able to read it in one sitting. The book takes place in a suburb of  Melbourne Australia. The stars of the book are Laurel and Eli along with 2 cats and Charlie the dog. 

Laurel is staying at her Great Aunt Maggie's place to take care of her pets after Maggie is put into a nursing home due to a nasty fall. On Valentine's day a bouquet of roses are delivered to the house for Maggie and Laurel decides to find out who sent them so she can let them know about Maggie's fall. This is where things get interesting. 

Eli is the nephew of David. David is love of Maggie's life, even though they never got to really be together. David passed away several years ago, but before his death asked him to carry on with sending roses to Maggie every year on Valentine's day. 

Eli and Laurel meet face to face and sparks immediately fly. They have a lot in common. Seeing spirits is the big one. Laurel has been sensing the spirit of a little girl since she first arrived at Maggie's house. She has heard the little girl singing and has also been led to a few clues in the mystery of the little girl. Eli also senses something there. Laurel and Eli try to unravel the mystery of the little girl.

Along the way a few new mysteries come up and the 2 find them smack dab in the middle. Maggie passes away and they find her journal. Eli's father passes away as well a whole bunch of mysteries arise. Together Laurel and Eli try to work out all they clues they are running across and the deep dark secrets the passing of his father and her Aunt open up.