Frozen Lives: Karl and Anna Kuerner, Andrew Wyeth's Iconic Couple - LuLynne Streeter

I have seen some of Andrew Wyeth's painting but never knew that these were actual paintings of actual people. Never really paid attention to the fact that these paintings were all of the same family. 


Andrew Wyeth grew up int he Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania. He grew enamored of his strange neighbors the Kuerner's.  This German family became the main inspiration for Andrew's paintings. He put their life on canvas for the whole world to see. 


the book not only shows you some of the paintings but it gives you the Kuerner's story. It is a very interesting read and really makes you stop and think in parts. This family are German refugee's who came to America for a better life. They brought plenty of baggage along with them and not just clothing. The books delve's into many things mental illness, poverty and more. 


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