Cushion - Tamela Miles

Cushion is about Natalie Kliebert and Billy Chambers. Natalie has come back from the dead to have another chance at life after her life was cut short in a car accident. She is working hard at getting her degree as a therapist and the life she wanted in her past life and now in this life as well.

Her next client is Billy Chambers. Billy is a Pop Star, he was also Natalie's crush in her past life. He was very mean to her then since she was not the thin super model kind of girl. He had laughed at her and nicknamed her cushion. Billy is now in trouble with the courts for his drinking problems and has been appointed a court ordered therapist to help in his alcohol recovery.

Natalie keeps her past life from Billy until she has no choice. They are both in trouble from the demon Phenex. He takes the souls of the departed and leaves them broken and sad in the Shadowlands in Limbo. The demon is coming for Natalie and while he's at it he is going to take the living Billy too. They must fight together to not only save themselves but all the lost souls in the Shadowlands.

This was a pretty good story. It is a short read. There were a few things unrealistic in the first part of the book, after Natalie's death and before her return. Things like she went back to her house and packed a few things then drove her SUV. Ghosts don't need things nor do they drive. Other then that is was a good read. I love the hard style of Natalie. Even though she isn't really hard but had to let Billy think she is.