Acca (Angelbound Origins) - Christina Bauer

Acca is the 3rd book in the Angelbound Origins series and the 3rd book I have listened to on Audiobook. I love this series. I love seeing what Myla is going to get herself into next. So far we have seen her come from a almost normal teenager to being engaged and becoming the Scala of the After Realm and now finally She and Lincoln are getting married. If they can stay out of jail and live long enough. 


This book was one of my favorite so far. Myla is actually running things now. Lincoln and Myla have to get the proof needed to finally get the House of Acca put into prison. They get it but it is stolen before they can use it. To get the Rixa Codex back which holds the recoded proof they need they have to make a quick trip to Earth. Once on Earth they have to fight the Acca there too, and be back in time for not only court but their wedding day. 


I cannot wait for the next book in this series to see if things gt more intense or calm down a little bit while Myla and Lincoln enjoy their new wedded bliss. And also to see if their is a little Myla or Lincoln on the way. 


There are a few colorful words in the book but there is no strong sex scenes. There are 2 scenes in this book but they leave the actual act to your imagination instead of spelling it all out for you.