Mary's Home (Peace in the Valley Book 3) - Jerry S. Eicher

Mary's Home is book 3 of the Peace in the Valley Series by Jerry S Eicher. In this book we meet Mary Yoder. Her dreams are to be a upstanding citizen in her Amish community and to have a home and family of her own.  This was a really good book. Kept me reading to see which shoe so to speak was going to drop next. There was a lot going on in this book. 


At first she meets Josiah and they decide to marry. Right before the wedding he decides he no longer wants to get married. Mary is left heart broken. Later on she finds out he has found a new love and has set his new wedding date. It just so happens to be the same date they were to be married.  


Stephen another man from her community then sets his on on Mary. Mary dos not care for Stephen in the same way and decides her best bet is to help Stephen find his mate since she does not want it to be herself. 


Then Mary meets Willard. Willard is the some on Mary's neighbor. He has come to visit for a week.  Willard has his own plans for life. He is a missionary to Kenya. As Mary and Willard spend time together during the week their feelings grow for each other. Mary is left wondering what God's plans for her are. Should she marry Willard and go to Kenya or stop the romance and stay in the community hoping for another chance at her dreams of her own home and family. 


Also int he book we meet Mary's sister Betsy. As a child Betsy was burned in an accident on her face and has scars. Betsy is considering jumping the fence and living in the English world. Mary has more to worry about then just her dreams as she tries to help Betsy.  


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